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Making Bitcoins for beer money

Note: This is about getting bitcoins without mining them, which is impractical for most people!! There are sites which will pay you in bitcoins for clicks and that is the focus of this submission.
News about bitcoin mania and related crazy shit have been cropping up on reddit, especially as the banking crisis in Cyprus has led to a surge in the value of bitcoins.
It was basically designed to be a digital online currency. A bit like reddit karma, except it's useful and can be spent on goods and services. The reason so many Cypriot bank customers seem to be moving to bitcoins is that they fear their government will grab a large slice of their bank deposits, in order to pay off their debts, probably. Bitcoins are untouchable (so far), but are volatile and so their value can fluctuate heavily, but no one can help themselves to your bitcoins (unless you get hacked). Make sure to keep your bitcoin wallet safe if you somehow do manage to make non-trivial amounts of the stuff.
They are very convenient and kind of fun though. For example, some redditors are working on a reddit based bitcoin feature whereby you can reward a comment using bitcoins. There's also a reddit bitcoin market where you can buy and sell random stuff. So, they definitely are of some actual use.
One thing about most bitcoin beer money sites is that, given the nature of bitcoins, payouts can be made to anyone, in any country.
First step: Get yourself a bitcoin client, which will act as a bitcoin wallet and generate bitcoin addresses. Bitcoin-qt is a simple one, which can be used on Windows, Macs and Linux computers. You can also get an online client called My Wallet, which is compatible with iphones, Android phones, Windows, Macs and Linux.
People used to mine bitcoins using their computers, but that got progressively more difficult as time went by. All the easy bitcoins get mined by expensive, purpose built, bitcoin mining rigs.
Free Bitcoin Sites:
Earn Bitcoins - these are sites where you can earn bitcoins by doing some online work like visiting websites, watching videos/ads, completing surveys, etc. You can obviously make more money from these sites than the more simple free ones:
Gaming Sites:
Didn't want to post any links to gambling or gaming sites, but this one seems like a bit of fun:
And remember, don't get too carried away. Do not spend ridiculous amounts of time and money investing in bitcoins!!
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My Schedule and Bitcoin Making Guide

My usual money making schedule consists of a lot of low maintenance sites. I can access them once a day (usually) and get the money, then be done. I mainly use Bitcoin, but have a Paypal to buy BTC with.
Well I won't keep you waiting, so if you have further questions, just ask me!
I will order from easiest/quickest to hardest:
I bookmark those 3 sites, and visit them every time I open my browser.
Bitcoinget(fav) and Bitvisitor are my top choices. They are easy, can be done in the background, and have quick payouts. I usually browse /beermoney while working on this ;)
These are just my methods for making Bitcoin. Bitvisitor's ads are usually related to Bitcoin, so many times they may be relevant to you. Also, this site has a well-made list of the top sites for earning BTC for free.
If you have any questions or comments, PM or reply to this post.
Good luck with earning!,
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Newbie here with a few questions to ask. Mainly about ASICMINER Block Erupter USB sticks.

Hello all,
So I have started getting interested in BitCoin lately and I want to learn more. While I know there is a ton of technical documentation out there I am hoping that somebody can perhaps answer a question or two based on their experience.
Specifically I was thinking of getting a USB hub with a few ASCIMINER sticks in it like this one -
My question is, with how complex mining is these days would it be worth the cost of electricity to run these or is the hash rate too low thus the payout too low to offset the cost even with pooled mining?
The second question is, is there any way besides having a $10,000+ rig to get a real profit with mining bitcoins anymore?
Finally are there any sites that will let you earn bitcoins that are legit? I have tried over a dozen sites and the ONLY site I ever got paid from was BitVisitor (CoinURL still pending the withdrawl min limit)
Thanks for your insight.
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Generate Bitcoins?

Ok, so I just into BTC like 2 weeks ago. Since I discovered it, obviously I wanted to, as quickly as possible, get me some BTC. But to my letdown I discovered that my PC (2011 Toshiba Satellite $399) is simply not powerful enough for mining :-(. So what's a guy to do? So I get referred by a nice gentleman to a site where you get paid in uBtc for just spending 5minutes in the site (it's called bitvisitor). Obviously this is a slow way of making BTC but I have stuck with it for a while with no issues and have made $0.04 in BTC. Now my question is if sites like bitcoinplus actually work. I tried it once and left my PC on all day with it running and got jack! But I wanted to know if it was just me or the site. And any other ways of making BTC.
TL;DR does "Generate Bitcoin" work? And if not what other ways are there of making BTC (not including mining)
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A list of my favourite bitcoin sites!

Here's a few sites I use daily to get a couple of bitcoin, they don't pay out a lot at once, but you can get coins very regularly, which makes them good in my opinion.
If you have some coins put away, and you're feeling adventurous, MineFieldref allows you to bet your coins (minimum of 0.001) and play a game that's sort of like minesweeper, but each time you don't hit a mine, the amount you've bet is multiplied by a certain amount (depending on how many mines you had and how many clear squares are remaining). You can cash out at anytime, which makes it easier not to lose all your coins. For MineField, it's a good idea to bookmark the specific URL they send you to, as that is your login (bad system, I know, but it's not hard to bookmark it anyway).
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BitVisitor Free Bitcoin site Review Get free Bitcoin with Bitvisitor Bot Earn bitcoin without mining - bitvisitor Bitcoin Miner - YouTube BitVisitor

Zudem sucht Dein Rechner beim Mining nach neuen Blöcken. Ein Block ist ein Verzeichnis der aktuellsten Bitcoin Transaktionen. Wenn Dein Rechner einen neuen Block findet, werden in diesem die nächsten Bitcoin Transaktionen festgeschrieben. Als Entlohnung für das Auffinden des neuen Blocks bekommst Du eine bestimme Menge Bitcoins. Momentan ... Because BitVisitor has such a good reputation as a great place to advertise, lots of new Bitcoin ventures will advertise on BitVisitor. For this reason BitVisitor is often the first place where I learn about something exciting going on in the Bitcoin world, including other ways to earn Bitcoin. I think that I’ll visit websites through BitVisitor long after I no longer need the earnings just ... CPU mining Genesis Mining yescryptr16 BTM-ETH miner BTC trading robot LBRY Credits miner Groestlcoin gpu mining Blake-256 miners ghs autmated trading LUX WaveCrest BTC to PayPal Linux GPU mining operating system sgminer-gm Windows DAG performance fix bfgminer dualminer asic Blackminer Scrypt Guild mining calculator service altcoin fork sgminer-gm Linux crypto scams 7nm Bitcoin ASIC Verus Coin ... 5 June 2015 Valentin a good faucet, alternative to mining, bitcoin, BitVisitor, e-currency, earn bitcoins, Earn bitcoins with faucets, extra income, faucet, faucet that pays Post navigation Leave a Reply Cancel reply, is the largest bitcoin faucet from 2014 where you get paid from watching 5 min advertisements (not ad-forced) , and the reward per advertisements is 1 bits - 16 bits depends on type of advertisements and the revenue it has. Minimum payout to withdraw is 30 bits and the payout will be automatically running after reached the point.

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BitVisitor Free Bitcoin site Review

In this video, I showed you how to setup your computer to earn Bitcoins using Bitvisitor Bot Fast and Easy without mining. The free Bitvisitor Bot can be fou... Get free Bitcoin with Bitvisitor Bot. Get free Bitcoin with Bitvisitor Bot. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue ... All registered users are able to mine with cloud-based GHS as well as trade cloud-based GHS for BTC according to the market price. Free Sign Up: https://cex.... This is a easy way to make a smal amount of bitcoin using bitvisitor Bitvisitor: or How to get free Bitcoin with Bitvisitor Bot!!!!! dev coin. Loading... Unsubscribe from dev coin? ... bitcoin mining with home pc - Duration: 3:33. crypto- jorozu 25,250 views. 3:33 #1 Free Stock ...