Beginner's Guide to What is Dogecoin (+ Best Dogecoin Wallet)

Hello shibes, I'm one of the mods of /r/monero. I've been a long time supporter of Dogecoin, and think you'll be interested in Monero as well. AMA.

I wasn't sure how to approach this, because it's a double-edged conundrum. On one hand, no one likes unsolicited shilling. On the other paw, being open-minded enough to have supported and grown interested in Dogecoin over the last couple of years, you may also be interested in something else new and exciting in the cryptocurrency scene.
So I asked the mods if they would mind if I made a single topic about this new project, and they said they would allow it and leave it in the hands of the community to judge.
So, I hope you'll hear me out.
Dogecoin did some amazing things since its birth in 2013. I was there for the launch and watched as /bitcoin and /litecoin initially dismissed it and subsequently watched with shell-shock as it exploded in popularity.
This community came together to embody all the fun and positive things about money, without nearly as much of the gollum-esque 'preciousssss'ness we saw in some other communities. Along the way a foreign Olympic team was supported, the best tipping bot on the internet was born, an actual Nascar team was sponsored (I'm still amazed there is a professional sports team sponsored by our little Dogecoin), and a bright and happy home was created here on Reddit.
I was even a prolific trader over on /dogemarket during its heyday and I have never seen such an organized and effective trading space on Reddit before. The whole thing was "wow" in every sense of the word.
So even if Dogecoin didn't have some cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology it had a crucial component of money that some others tend to forget about: fun and community. People rediscovered something amazing in Dogecoin that perhaps hadn't been seen since the early days of bitcoin: genuine excitement about being part of something new.
Well, what if I told you that there is a new technology out now, that isn't just fork or clone of bitcoin. It's an entirely new, fairly launched cryptocurrency that advances the entire concept to a whole new level.
It's called Monero, and it's based on a protocol known as cryptonote. This technology has some strange and mysterious origins of its own, but it first appeared on the internet (as best we can tell) in early 2014 as an open source platform for anyone to build off of.
Here are the major milestones that cryptonote, and Monero as a consequence, brings us:
  • Truly anonymous and private currency for the first time. No one can monitor your transactions on the blockchain. For an example of this, feel free to check our "rich list":
  • A smoothly decreasing emission distribution so there are no sudden halvings. This decreasing emission ends in a small perpetual reward, very similar to what Dogecoin does. Many realized that Dogecoin's perpetual disinflation was actually going to be a good thing for a currency, and we are fortunate that Monero retains that feature.
  • A dynamic blocksize that can increase as needed, so there will never be the kinds of debates you see on /bitcoin about 1MB vs. 8MB blocksizes.
  • True privacy offers true fungibility for the first time. One bitcoin doesn't actually equal one bitcoin, because those units have different histories. In the future this can create all sorts of problems. You cannot decipher the history of your Monero so unlike almost every currency that has come before: One Monero actually does equal one Monero.
  • Active and open source development with changes so fundamental that the adage "whatever coin X can do, Bitcoin can add it" doesn't apply here.
So, from one Dogecoin supporter to another, I'd like to give you the chance to ask any questions you have about Monero. I will answer them or one of the developers will chime in to help. Monero had no pre-mine, no pre-sale, and a fair launch. It also is completely open source and very new (just launched a year ago). If you look at a total price history, you will see that no one is trying to get rich off your back... in fact, the time of the "early" adopter is right now as the price has been fairly consistent since launch, and totally decided on by the free market:
So, ideally we would like to introduce you to ourselves and answer any questions or concerns you may have. I believe in as much transparency as possible, so we will attempt to answer as earnestly as possible. I hope you'll be convinced to take an active interest in Monero just as I have, because I honestly believe it may be a very big deal in the coming years.
Also, we have started a montly altcoin topic over on /Monero where we discuss the merits of other cryptocurrencies. All are welcome, and I've made a section specifically for Dogecoin. We'd love for you to pay a visit and talk to us about why you support Dogecoin and believe it will remain a top currency.
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Uh, I’m Marketing Specialist (Guerrilla)

Uh, I’m Marketing Specialist (Guerrilla)
I’m so glad you brought this up! It’s the one thing that LTC lacks in and it’s ironic because LTC is the only coin deserving of a full-time marketing team. I think people are starting to finally realize that it’s all about the marketing, word of mouth and branding in crypto. To put this into perspective as a self-funded/semi-retired internet entrepreneur, I’ll tell you exactly what caused my successes and failures. Initially (when I was young), I would launch a service or product in which I used 90% of the budget for development and 10% left over for marketing resulting in failure. At this point if I ever launch a new product or service online 70%+ of the entire budget would be allocated towards the marketing, so I can’t stress the importance of this. 1 million CNY ($150k) applied to a dev team is absolutely incredible, but LTC desperately needs a monthly marketing budget as well. It would be fantastic if these Scrypt mining manufactures or farms could consider that expense the cost of doing business. $5k a month starting budget could really do wonders for creating awareness.
You can see here that we desperately need to address this issue: (sleeping giant)
There’s really no need for a DM regarding the marketing unless someone is brought on to manage a campaign, but I would like to give feedback publicly on what I’ve seen so far (since I’m all about community/transparency and appreciate feedback). I can be very direct and hurt people’s feelings, but the only thing that matters is the success of LTC for the sake of humanity (financial freedom from total economic enslavement), so here are my thoughts below.
1.) Current Slogan. I’d like to first go over the silver analogy since Xinxi mentioned it earlier in a reddit post. Right off the bat there are pros and cons that I see with this association.
Pros: During a BTC pump breaking ATH’s it is very beneficial being known as the Silver to Bitcoin’s gold as we’ve already seen demonstrated with the pump in late 2013. People feel that they missed the BTC boat and turn to an alternative that is underpriced and somewhat similar to BTC. Bitcoin paves the infrastructure path while Litecoin trails behind receiving all the benefits, such as the hardware wallet support. It positions Litecoin as a “non-threating” alternative to Bitcoin and acts as a logical trading pair. If you like BTC, then theoretically you should like LTC as well. The Bitcoin association to a digital gold is very powerful because many cultures still understand it as a monetary metal throughout history. I remember in 2011 the BTC community was really pushing that deep psychological comparison. In 2013, Bitcoin hit parity with gold reaching $1,200 and LTC at $48 which is also very similar to what we saw with physical silver. That was not by accident, but now that BTC has hit that objective I don’t hear thought leaders comparing it too gold much anymore and they claim one Bitcoin will be worth 1 million dollars feeding into that gold fever hype. The other issue with changing silver analogy is that Coblee literally designed LTC to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold and produced 4x more inflation. LTC is also deflationary similar to gold, silver and Bitcoin so logically I guess it only makes sense. PM comparison takes a very complicated concept and helps simplify it for your average man on the street.
Cons: What I don’t like about the silver association. So I believe most here will agree that Gold feels like it’s more important/sought after than Silver. Considering historically kings have access to gold and commoners have access to the silver. I do believe it’s hard for people to chant and cheer, “We’re #2, We’re #2, We’re #2!!!”. Do you see what I mean here? It’s hard to get Excited about that for people and the same goes with hoarding LTC vs BTC. It also creates a dependency on Bitcoin for eternity and keeps LTC under the thumb of the BTC overlords (I know some of them and they hate LTC). The association should be more like Pepsi and Coke or Ying to Yang and one could technically still operate without the other. If LTC dies (I doubt this), then people will forget about the silver association and just continue chanting for Bitcoin #1/Gold2.0/21 Million/I’m Rich Bitches. If BTC dies or is bottlenecked to death it would be nice for LTC to still exist in the minds of the crypto community and that dependence is also dangerous for LTC (as we keep seeing Bitcoins lack of scaling). You’ll notice every time BTC bottlenecks transactions that the price rally gets cut short again which affects the potential LTC rally. This is also a big part of why hedging out of BTC into alts such as LTC is important, but many think why would I hold LTC when I can just hold BTC so they invest in something totally different like ETH as a hedge. The other issue is the ratio and stability of LTC when the ratio both snaps back (short-term) and is suppressed (long-term), so it doesn’t make for the most stable currency when this occurs (although a 40x gain in value again would be nice). Many precious metal bugs will state that the physical gold/silver ratio should be around 1:16 ounces and technically if BTC/LTC had identical network-effect the value ratio would be closer to 1:4. Right now, we’re nearing 1:200 which is absurd. Not only that, this association is not so accurate because the gold and silver volume/ratio of atoms on this earth is unknown. While the tokens to exist currently and in the future are precisely known with BTC/LTC (1:4) which means LTC is actually even more undervalued than physical silver to physical gold. It would be nice to talk about LTC without ever having to mention BTC and I do feel it’s a setback, but at this point maybe necessary especially considering this next BTC pump.
2.) Slogan Suggestion. As you can see I am really on the fence about the silver analogy, so maybe we can just leave it as an unspoken association as we seen Bitcoiners mentioning gold analogy less and less. The funny thing is Coblee and Xinxi totally changed the game with LTC while nobody noticed. It’s so different that I almost think this one change alone has put the silver branding into question. By adding CT transactions and Segwit it provides enough differentiation from BTC to make it a more worthwhile hedge for wealth storage (This is important and helps maintain a higher per coin price). For those that want to save their earnings in a more private blockchain they now have a reason to transfer some BTC over to LTC or bypass it as a means of storage and we already know it’s much better for transfer. Coblee states fungiblity reasons, but I already know people will be taking a second look at LTC after this is implemented because I personally don’t like when people can see all my transactions at a particular address, so having both a fully public and private blockchain is a must. Not only that he knows about the censoring of coins for associations with the dark web even if you weren’t directly involved and that hurts fungibility, so once again the right decisions are being made.
With that said, I would personally prefer LTC being considered the “The Swiss Bank of Money”. Money and Currency are actually two VERY different things by the way while gold/silver being money and currency being a derivative of that money. Obama was recently at South by Southwest and gave a speech mentioning crypto directly. It would be hilarious if we embraced his terminology of crypto.
“It’s like having a Swiss Bank Account in Your Pocket.”
Another interesting point is the ironclad privacy that Swiss Banks were known for has been completely undermined by the US probing and global FATCA compliance for all other banks globally. There is no safe haven anymore and in a subtle way this almost alludes to LTC being the last bastion of financial freedom. Picture this, but instead LTC: (The financial system is being completely turned upside down with some countries going to negative interest rates… AKA you pay them for holding your money, so that picture is very accurate.)
3.) Litecoin Constitution or Oath. I will eventually get to the marketing aspect, but this all ties into everything, such as word of mouth. Every great company has a motto, a country a constitution or religions with commandments. It is important because it condenses down why we are here, our beliefs, what we are fighting for, our principles and what is out of scope of the vision or deemed acceptable. We’ve seen glimpses of this from Coblee like when he mentioned after an altcoin forked due to a theft that LTC will never hardfork due to a theft (So, let’s outline it for everyone). This is so important that I could even see a URL being dedicated to it so the world is clear as too what LTC is and stands for.
An example of what this would look like: Litecoin Beliefs/Oath: - LItecoin will strive to be as transparent as possible in all aspects of development, marketing, future updates. - Litecoin will strive to remain as decentralized as possible while maintaining a pristine blockchain. All aspects of management for social media and other platforms will also remain decentralized. - Litecoin will never reverse or roll back the blockchain or fork due to a theft or unauthorized transaction. - Litecoin will strive to operate the most financially fair network of wealth storage and transfer as possible. - Litecoin will always strive to bring modern financial access from the richest to the poorest and most remote people on earth. - ETC ETC.
Something like this needs to be in place in the event Charlie goes MIA or anyone else in management so we have our guide stone in place. A wealthy individual looking to speculate in LTC and store his wealth there would feel much more comfortable if he knew what LTC stands for. The examples I gave above are how I perceive LTC but writing it in stone would make everything clear for everyone.
4.) Enthusiastic Keynote Speaker. While I love Charlie to death and he’s fighting the good fight it would be nice to see someone like an Andreas equivalent for LTC (English/Chinese speaker would be incredible). When I hear Andreas speak about BTC I literally get goosebumps and my faith/passion is restored in crypto because sometimes we get beat down when our family and friends can’t see the “lite”. While I believe Charlie should never stop spreading awareness at as many events as possible he doesn’t come off as being very confident and a bit shy (which is fine). What I would like to see is high energy, passion, excitement and a confidence in LTC that is unshakeable. Assume the sale man! Charlie observed BTC operating in the wild, made a few tweaks and somehow made a better version of it capable of more yet incredibly stable/functional (without the suspect Satoshi early miner stash). However, I do understand it being difficult to hype LTC when there is not much to talk about since BTC hit all the talking points and LTC was no different other than 4x. For the future we really need to stress the scalability and fungibility improvements.
5.) Thinking out of the box. Xinxi’s paper wallet suggestion if done on a grand scale could be quite massive for adoption despite how primitive it sounds. This is the type of thinking we need to bring LTC functionality/awareness to the masses. Get creative/think outside the box and reach out to the appropriate companies/visionaries or start a business (we need more entrepreneurs and now is the time to get involved and solidify your spot in the industry).
Some examples: a. In previous posts we discussed the paper wallets for LTC. If I were to walk up to any person on the street and explain to them that I had one LTC paper wallet in my hand worth $4 and I would be willing to sell it to them for $5 and explained it was rare and similar to Bitcoin (second largest), in addition hit $48 in the past and could happen again and BTC is currently at $780.. I guarantee I could sell them on the spot. That could literally be turned in a business model and scaled as one idea that seems silly, but with awesome potential.
b. Tonight I watched the unveiling of the new Tesla solar home roof in addition to the PowerWall 2 unit. Seen here: Who’s to say we couldn’t contact Tesla and integrate a Scrypt Asic chip into their future PowerWall 3 unit and offset homeowner’s extra battery power into the form of crypto. I mine BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH/ETC and LTC is by far the most profitable to mine, so maybe this actually could be viable. It’s out of the box and worth looking into from a technical standpoint. Coblee literally lives down the street and could meet with them.
c. Another idea could be a sidechain mobile mining concept. I’ve thrown that idea around with the LTC devs, just to see what their thoughts were. It would have to be structured in a very particular way to work, but I believe there could be some merit there as well to draw in new users. I would really love some feature to be offered through this additional hash/computational power via a sidechain and potentially something like a Dash masternode for the monthly yield since for some the simple buy and HODL method doesn’t work for them. LTC is supposed to be “money”, so monthly yield is inappropriate similar to how gold doesn’t produce monthly yield by its very nature.
5.) More Accessible Scrypt Miners. It looks like Alcheminer is gone and Titans are no longer obtainable leaving really only Innosilicons terminators older ones and the newer ones coming. It would be nice if we had more affordable smaller miners for your average joe. GPU dominates the word of mouth aspect because of accessibility. Any gamer can get involved, he gets a few coins and then tells his friends being that there is also financial incentive for him to spread awareness. It would be great if we could see more scrypt manufactures producing something to fill this niche.
6.) equivalent. I don’t want to offend anyone again, but the website really does need work. Aesthetically it doesn’t look as visually appealing as LBC and also does not function as well. The .net extension is also not so favorable, so maybe they could acquire a .com equivalent and 301 it. In addition, I see little to no available trades which also does not bode well on the psyche of potential LTC investors. LBC is really a major backbone to Bitcoin adoption considering its functionality for the community and allows people to buy BTC in a more anonymous fashion. Plus, the owner of LBC makes great profit so there is much incentive for running a high caliber local exchange.
7.) Marketing. There really is no marketing for LTC and I’ve never seen any marketing efforts on behalf of the LTC association other than maybe some sponsored ads on reddit (which is fine). This really does need to change because when we saw Dogecoin doing the Nascar stuff or Jamaican bob sled team, I was thinking my god why can’t we get a budget going to spread awareness. While I believed even at the time that their particular choices were foolish I was impressed that they were actually trying to bring about public awareness for Doge. We can maintain interactions on all the social profiles we want in the world, but we really need to be paying for ad placement on networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc etc. A/B split testing with a test budget would be wise and gauge interaction via a landing page.
Side note: It’s funny one of my first projects when I was a kid was a penny stock newsletter site accessible via monthly subscription. We ran ads that were very professional and reasonable such as “Join our newsletter and receive monthly returns up to 20%-30%”. At the time that was very reasonable and realistic based on our track record/advice. The only problem was the ads performed horribly, but then eventually we said screw it and ran ridiculous ads like, “GAINZ of 30000X, GET RICH, GET BITCHES, LIVE ON BEACH IN PARADISE”…. And it worked almost too well. This tells me humans react off greed and dreams of grandeur. I see these claims with altcoins that get pumped which claims of “next Bitcoin” or will “overthrow Bitcoin”. I think that’ more sensational for most people and fills their dreams of becoming rich overnight. There’s those types of people and then there are the more ideological type like we see in the BTC community such as miners that will continue to mine at a loss because they believe so strongly in BTC or the HODLRS that won’t sell even when BTC loses half its value in 48 hours and people are shitting their pants. It would be nice if we could appeal to all demographics.
I keep hearing about the LTC Association meetings. Why don’t we publicly post the meeting day/time do it via Google Hangouts so we can all listen in on the conversation. We really need to build a sense of community and that’s lacking as well. Outreach programs could also be a very inexpensive form of marketing. Such as contacting for potential integration of LTC. If the fundamentals were explained I’m sure there would be successes in furthering adoption of the technology.
If the website is not going to get fixed can we at least 301 it to the address for now? Seeing "Hacked" at the top of the site doesn't instill confidence again... Not so great for branding... lol
… to be continued.
I’m starting to ramble. It’s 3am here and I’m half asleep. I’ll continue writing more on potential marketing efforts/ideas I’ve had (tomorrow).
In the meantime, I’ve love to hear feedback on things I’ve shared so far.
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Dogecoin Miner (rig with 2x 7950s, the pre r9 280) Dogecoin Nascar! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR Why choose Dogecoin over Bitcoin & Litecoin? Dogecoin Gets Into NASCAR, Moolah is Generous, and Forbes Gets Mad. Bitcoin vs Litecoin vs Dogecoin Lista Faucets Litecoin pagando direto na faucethub 2017

What is Dogecoin: a very wow beginner's guide to Dogecoin & the best Dogecoin wallet options. All you need to know about what is Dogecoin inside this guide. Bitcoin firm Ryze made a strong case against Dogecoin following the dump, stating that the meme cryptocurrency is behaving like crypto frenzies from 2017. Dogecoin serves as a reminiscent of 2017’s notorious crypto frenzy, according to Ryze. The dogecoin community also raised $55,000 Dogecoin to facilitate NASCAR driver Josh Wise, and Kabosu, the famous Doge Shiba-Inu was painted on the Wise’s car as a result. Reasons Behind Dogecoin’s Popularity. Basically, Dogecoin’s popularity is a result of its origin from a meme. It is a cryptocurrency that does not take itself seriously compared to other assets. Aside from the fun side ... Bitcoin's depreciation appears to have had a detrimental effect on the broader cryptocurrency market, with litecoin, darkcoin, peercoin and dogecoin all falling in price by between 3% and 8%. Dogecoin Is Based on Litecoin. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency based on Luckycoin (which is, in turn, based on Litecoin). Dogecoin was originally designed to be a more approachable alternative to Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. As such, there aren’t any groundbreaking features that set Dogecoin apart from the pack.

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Dogecoin Miner (rig with 2x 7950s, the pre r9 280) Dogecoin Nascar! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE DOGECAR

Hey Everyone! Today I have a video about Litecoin vs Bitcoin. This video is not intended to help you make an investment choice but it will help you with the differences between these two. Bitcoin vs Litecoin vs Dogecoin 🤑Copy This Idea: Kick-start Your Way to Making Big Money from Your Laptop at Home, on the Beach or anywhere you Choose - Go n... • Dogecoin is currently valued at $0.0004 per coin. • The Dogecoin Community sponsored Nascar driver Josh Wise and voted on the design of his car. His car will feature shiba inus on the front ... "What is Dogecoin?" - Bitcoin Girl - Duration: 7:03. Naomi Brockwell 6,000 views. 7:03 . How To Scrypt Mine Litecoin Tutorial - LiteCoin For Beginners - Part 1 - Duration: 15:29. MrJayBusch ... Dogecoin Nascar is coming up, May 5, and the 7950s are being reshelled and repackaged as r9 280 it's not very lucrative at the moment but you can join in the doge fun if you have the cards for games